Harvest takes place from November through February.  After daily harvest, only the ripe coffee cherries are processed in our environmentally friendly wet mill that not only utilizes much less water that the average mill, but also recycles and properly disposes of the waste residues which would otherwise pollute rivers and lakes.  The wastes are then treated with natural filtration systems in a process that also involves daily supervision.  The coffee beans are then allowed to naturally ferment before being sent to a washing tank and canal.  

100% sun drying follows as a natural process that allows the coffee beans to slowly release their moisture and produce a deep bluish-green color.  It also gives our coffee its unique flavor characterized by a fine acidity, aroma, and well balanced body.  Sun drying also serves as a free source of energy that prevents the process from using fossil fuels.  Finally, the parchment coffee is sent to a dry mill that is certified to handle organic coffee where it is carefully sorted, graded and warehoused.