San José La Laguna Estate is located in a valley 20 miles south of Guatemala's capital in a coffee growing region known as Fraijanes.  It has a yearly average temperature of 75°F (24°C), it is surrounded by majestic volcanoes, and is situated on a land once occupied by a presently retreating lake which provided the area with rich mollic soils.  These factors, along with hard work and dedication, have allowed the plantation to produce a fine SHB gourmet coffee with a well-balanced acidity, aroma, and body.

The plantation first began growing coffee in1864, but it was not until 1920 when it stopped growing other crops and became a coffee estate.  In 1991, a low input sustainable agriculture system was used, and in 1995 a new environmentally friendly wet mill was completed.  Finally in the year 2001, it committed itself to implementing organic agricultural methods.  These methods cover farm practices, industrial processes, shipping, trading, roasting, and retailing.  In the year 2004, after the three year mandatory transition period ended, the plantation was accredited with the USDA, European Union and Japanese organic seals by the certifying agency in Guatemala, Mayacert.

San José La Laguna Estate is aware of the social aspect of growing coffee and therefore strives to provide its workers with the best possible working and living conditions. These include proper housing with free electricity and water as well as recreational areas which are used during non-working hours.